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Acre Road 2001-2011

Early College 1976-78


      My eldest Marcus  musician      and artist.      






      The Grey Horse, music/comedy pub run by the Richard.


      Lucy London fragrant musician.




      The Willoughby Arms, mine host Rick





      Robby, he's a geezer, brilliant lighting


      Mike, computor whizz, advice and help, repairs




      Geoffrey Ryall  painter, Bermondsey boy



The Poly years and Mill street





1969/72 Southport/Wimbledon




Phipp Street 1972/76


Riverside studios 1978



Welcome Hot Press Sunday Times Culture Mag 11/09/11 Marcus


This site will eventually show work from the past 40 years. Its basically an autobiography in the form of a scrap book and will contain writings, stories, poetry as well as yarns about people I've met and places I've been. Its on going, so if you're interested it will be worth checking back to see what's been added.











City Artists1985/87



Basement years1980/85



M.A. show R.C.A 1979


Degree  Wimbledon 1973