If you're interested Phil is the guy taking a toke. He went to Epsom which, though it was a non degree course, had Bruce McClain. Tim Mapston, who made the photo, got some serious attention with his posing planks or somthing.

Bruce set up an elaborate performance at the P.M.J.Self Gallery called 'The Nice Style Pose Band. I later showed at the same gallery. Phil was a really nice bloke, he played guitar and introduced me to Blues music, the real stuff, Sony Boy Williamson, Sun House, then later Fank Zappa, Captain Beefheart all sorts of good things.

We were a small group, friends since 12 or so , Brian Coggins, Phil, me and 'Muzzel' Martin, regularly meeting up at each others houses, except mine, and particularly at Pete Reaney's.

In the 70's, at the beginning of what was to be many years of being a complete arrogant arsehole, I lost touch with everyone.

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I just found this image on the left in a catalogue for a huge show in Milan 'Arte Inglese Oggi 1960-76', British Art Now. Pictured is Tim's posing boards. On the right is the man himself.